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About Us

Hello I am Theo Smith. Through the years I have worked in the television industry as an audio technician, master control operator, director, editor, actor, and writer.  You might remember me if you followed the OJ trial back in the 90’s, I appeared on The Tonight Show poking fun at the trial representing Kato Kaelin in numerous skits

I used to really suffer when I was in Europe trying to keep up with the latest movies and television shows from the USA. I would go to the official network sites but they would be blocked because I was not in the USA.  I needed my fix.

After a lot of research, trial and error, I found out many ways that helped me keep up with the shows that I liked.

These ways were responsible taking care of my entertainment fix and allowing me to keep up with the latest movies and television shows.

If you are looking for effective ways on streaming online shows, keep checking this blog as I will be adding lots of posts and articles on where and how to stream online shows.

And life is great now! You really can do the same